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Beattunes in the dunes, at the UAE desert.


  Name Deep-L
Genre Dark Tribal / Progressive
Country Argentina


Deep-L, (nacido Lucas Ferraro, el 4 de marzo de 1993 en Buenos Aires, Argentina) es un argentino DJ y productor musical. Lucas comenzó su carrera de pequeño junto a su hermano, el cual lo motivó musicalmente en ese periodo. A la edad de 13 años se subío a su primer cabina con mas de 300 personas en un famoso bar de Buenos Aires, desde ese momento decidío trabajar de lleno en la mezcla y la producción musical.
Él es mejor conocido por sus obras oscuras y su concepto innvovador dentro de la musica electronica, el alias de Deep-L, un seudónimo que utiliza hasta el dia de hoy.

Deep-L es conocido por pinchar y producir Progressive House con toques dark tribal (Dark Progressive), En 2010 logró encontrar el sonido que buscaba como productor para crear su primer EP titulado: Voices of Desert, editado en el label Distants Records. Éste tuvo mucha repercusion, logrando posicionarse en los tops de Promo Pools. Gracias a esto, Lucas fue charteado y halagado por grandes artistas dandose a conocer como DJ/Producer.

En el presente Deep-L sigue trabajando como productor bajo el label, Distants Records. Y cuenta con su propio radioshow titulado: Trippy Dark.- por la emisora: Beattunes.


Deep-L, Lucas Ferraro (born March 4, 1993. Buenos Aires City), better known by his stage name Deep-L is an Argentine dj, composer and remixer. Ferraro started his career at the age of thirteen where has obtained the pleasure and opportunity to mix in live in his first club, with over 300 people enjoying the event. After three years of having played in several clubs and bars. He has decided to dedicate more time to his musical composition to liberate his first works as solitary and was charted and respected early for his music by some artists inside the global electronic music scene. 
Then built his first show at the radio station online: Beattunes.com. Where was titled: Trippy Dark. At this time, also performed mixes, boosting ratings for its afternoon rush-hour by their new show Ft Deepness titled: Alone With A Rhythm. 
He is credited as a key figure in the popularization of the group : Deep-L & Deepness who feel the real sound underground of progressive at this time as style of electronic music characterized as Dark Progressive. The group has released two albums, which were so-called ‘’The Beginning’’ & ‘’Music For Sick People’’. Both album's headed inside the lists of many dj's recognized at present. The hits singles included "Native Gods", "Wake Up and Smile", "Calling the shadows". and "Age of Darkness". 
In 2012, He produced a compilation album titled V.A - Is for the kids in 2012. the compiled music, released for dedicated fans only by christmas in this year from Distants Records. In this new year 2013 they bet to the hundred percent on his third disc called: "Blood, sweat and tears" to obtain his best sound.



- Trippy Dark 013 Beattunes.com July 2012
- Deepness - Trippy Dark Guest Mix Beattunes.com July 2012
- Trippy Dark 012 Beattunes.com June 2012
- Trippy Dark 011 Beattunes.com May 2012
- Trippy Dark 010 Beattunes.com Apr 2012
- Trippy Dark 009 Beattunes.com Mar 2012
- For Beattunes.com 4th Anniversary March 2012
- Trippy Dark 008 Beattunes.com Feb 2012
- Trippy Dark 007 Beattunes.com Jan 2012
- Trippy Dark 006 (2 Hours Special) Beattunes.com Dec 2011
- Trippy Dark 005 Beattunes.com Nov 2011
- Cj Art Trippy Dark Guest Mix Beattunes.com Oct 2011
- Trippy Dark 004 Beattunes.com Oct 2011
- Trippy Dark 003 - Beattunes.com Sept 2011
- Matias Ricciardi - Trippy Dark Guest Mix Beattunes.com Sept 2011
- Trippy Dark 002 Beattunes.com August 2011
- Trippy Dark 001 Beattunes.com July 2011
Links http://www.deep-l.com.ar
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